From Feed Mills To Ethanol Plants

Chuck Zimmerman

The word ethanol has been used many times here at the International Poultry & Feed Expos. Often in positive terms but not always. The word was prominently displayed on the backdrop to the AGR International (password protected website?) booth so I stopped in since we do so much work for the ethanol industry. AGR International has traditionally been involved in …

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Advancing Renewable Energy in St. Louis

Chuck Zimmerman

REC-Johanns Cindy is in St. Louis this week for the big Renewable Energy Conference which is going to feature THE President. I thought I’d share this post from her on Domestic Fuel:

The US Secretaries of Agriculture and Energy are the hosts of the Advancing Renewable Energy Conference in St. Louis this week. Both addressed the crowd, estimated at upwards of 1500 people, showing the huge interest in renewable energy nationwide.

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MO Ethanol Run By Missourians

Chuck Zimmerman

Robin VennThe General Manager of Missouri Ethanol is Robin Venn. He’s currently in the process of getting his house sold in Kansas City so he can move to the Laddonia area.

I interviewed Robin after the grand opening festivities were winding down. He says that all the employees of the ethanol plant are from Missouri which he thinks is unusual but shows that central Missouri has the technical talent for a plant like his and that the plant is keeping those people near home.

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I Think Ethanol Wins Again

Chuck Zimmerman

Coming Into The PitsThe race is over and it was an exciting one. As usual this season, ethanol wins.

Actually the first car across the finish line belonged to Dan Wheldon. Jeff Simmons in the Team Ethanol car battled up to 6th near the end. When I say battle, I mean it. It was rough out there. He finished 8th.