Tour de Dow

Laura McNamara

Dow AgroSciences says it’s planning for the future of biotechnology. But, the company is quick to point out a host of innovative technologies available now for improving crop yields. Dow AgroSciences says its Herculex family of traits offers the broadest protection when comes to safeguarding crops against most insects, both above ground and below ground, in corn. Representatives add that …

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Dow Agrosciences Says No More Limitations for 2,4-D

Laura McNamara

Dow AgroSciences hasn’t set up camp at the Farm Progress Show in ten years. But, this year, the company says it has some exciting new technology to present and couldn’t skip out on offering farmers in Progress City a first-hand look. Dow AgroSciences Global Corn Business Leader Tom Wiltrout kicked off a press conference introducing the company’s Herbicide Tolerant Traits …

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Corn Is Being Harvested

Chuck Zimmerman

This is the field I posted a picture from last week which shows that corn harvesting has begun here in Missouri. It’s the first field I’ve seen that’s been combined. With some beautiful weather in store in the midwest there might be some competition for farmer’s time this week as the Farm Progress Show kicks off in Decatur, IL.


Seth Crawford Talks John Deere Combines

Chuck Zimmerman

The big combines just have that “wow” factor when it comes to a show and this week’s John Deere product introduction was no exception. The marketing manager for combines for John Deere is Seth Crawford. I interviewed him right after the field demonstration portion on combines. The one in this picture is one of their new 70 Series with the …

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New John Deere 70 Series Combines

Chuck Zimmerman

Wow did we see a show tonight here at the John Deere product launch. When you hear the engines roaring and then they come out of the dark and the smoke it really generates some excitement. I think we had almost 1,500 people on hand for tonight’s show in the Cincinnati convention center. They were mostly representatives of John Deere …

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She’s Corn Fed

Chuck Zimmerman

I had not heard of Shannon Brown before tonight but with a song called “Corn Fed” and featuring a green combine and mentioning John Deere while I’m attending the John Deere product launch it had to be a post. Shannon is an Iowa native and Nashville artist who performed last week at the opening of the VeraSun Charles City, IA …

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Dry Corn In Missouri

Chuck Zimmerman

I don’t grow corn but I’m just guessing that this isn’t what you want to see in mid August. This is a field in north central Missouri. We’ve been getting some spotty rain here in Missouri and the temperatures are cooling off a little finally. However, it may be too little too late for some fields like this one. Maybe …


Learning About Agrisure

Chuck Zimmerman

One of the people I met before leaving the Syngenta Learning Centers field day in Milford, IA was Tracy Mader, District Sales Manager for Syngenta Crop Protection. Tracy provided an update on Syngenta’s Agrisure corn traits. He first of all explains that AgriSure is a family of traits for corn. Besides some of the current products under the Agrisure brand …

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John Deere Applies Force to Corn Rootworm

Chuck Zimmerman

Syngenta wasn’t the only company on hand at their Learning Centers program in Milford, IA. So was John Deere and their Central Insecticide System. Here’s Ron DeFauw, John Deere Seeding Group, talking about a brand new way to apply Force Insecticide. Think of the box version of wine that you put in your refrigerator and you’ll have a pretty good …

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Corn Commentary Blog Launched by NCGA

Chuck Zimmerman

The National Corn Growers Association has just launched a new blog called Corn Commentary. It’s “The blog about corn farming and American agriculture.” ZimmComm New Media has been happy to assist with the development of this new website which is meant “to provide a lighter, more personalized look at corn, agriculture and the events of the day that affect the …

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