Farmers Markets In Iraq

Chuck Zimmerman

I have received an audio report from Iraq that you might find interesting. The email I received says it’s from Paul McKellips who’s on assignment with the Department of State. The report: focuses on the Farmers Markets and roadside stands that Iraqis depend on for their fruits and vegetables. The potential for agriculture in this country is beyond belief. In the last three years, American agricultural experts have introduced drip-line irrigation, fertilizers and modern cultivation techniques. Now, the country desperately needs a comprehensive national farm policy that supports farmers and provides motivation for producers to invest in their businesses and bring their products to market profitably. Iraq currently imports more than 85% of their fruits and vegetables from Iran, Syria and Turkey. Produce prices are ridiculously low as these countries dump their B-grade products into the marketplace.

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FlexFuel Motors

Chuck Zimmerman

The Ethanol ShowA new exhibit out here at the Farm Progress Show was put together in just the last 45 days by FlexFuel Motors.

The man who’s the inspiration and work horse behind it is Tad Whitten, Motor Sports Management, Inc. Besides having a variety of vehicles on display that utilize ethanol or biodiesel, he built a replica of the first ethanol filling station which was in Nebraska. As you can see in the picture he’s found pumps and other original equipment and even built the building as close to as possible to the original as he could.

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Ethanol Car On Display

Chuck Zimmerman

It seems like the number 17 Team Ethanol Indy Car is all over the place. It’s here on display at the Farm Progress Show courtesy of the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council (EPIC). The man who’s been touring this around is Alan Slunecka, farmer and brother to EPIC Executive Director, Tom Slunecka. The vehicle here has a simulator attached and …

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