Agribusiness Employers Look to the Future

Cindy Zimmerman

What do agribusiness employers see as the most important challenges for recruiting and keeping the best talent in the future? At the opening of the North American Ag HR Roundtable on Monday, Dr. Allan Gray, director of the Center for Food and Agricultural Business at Purdue, presented some new findings from a survey of agribusiness company CEOs on what …

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Roundtable Focuses on Ag Human Resourses

Cindy Zimmerman

When we talk about having the resources to feed the world in the future, most of the time we’re thinking land and water, but having adequate human resources is equally, if not more, important. That’s really what the 2011 North American Ag HR Roundtable is all about. To kick off the 9th annual event, being held this year at …

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AgCareers North American Ag HR Roundtable Starts Today

Cindy Zimmerman

I will be finding out more about AgCareers this week at the 9th Ag HR Roundtable, in West Lafayette, Indiana, which is being hosted this year by ADM and Purdue University. The event brings together agribusiness employers, professional organizations and college career counselors “to talk about issues facing the recruitment and retention of entry level and professional level talent …


Growing AgCareers

Cindy Zimmerman

There’s never been a better time for careers in agribusiness with a bigger variety of jobs that span the spectrum from production to promotion. “I just feel like it’s a very exciting time to be in agribusiness,” says Eric Spell, president of He should know, since they have been specializing in human resource services to the agriculture and food …

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