Precision Ag News 12/30

Carrie Muehling

  • Even in an unpredictable year, the innovative Agrisure® traits portfolio delivered strong in-field performance across the Midwest. The portfolio offers numerous proven solutions for growers striving to protect their corn’s genetic yield potential from common pests. Agrisure Duracade trait stacks feature novel, alternate modes of action to help preserve trait durability and delay insect adaptation for long-term field health, yielding up to 4.1 bushels per acre more than non-Agrisure Duracade hybrids in Syngenta Seeds trials. Hybrids with the Agrisure Viptera trait provide better, more complete control of corn earworm for a 7.3 bushels per acre advantage, as seen in Syngenta trials.
  • No-Till Farmer has announced it will transition the 2021 National No-Tillage Conference from a live event previously planned in Indianapolis, to a virtual event taking place online January 12-15, 2021.
  • The World Food Prize Foundation has opened the 2022 nominations period for the internationally renowned World Food Prize. The Prize recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who have worked to improve the quality, quantity or availability of food for all. Nomination criteria, the selection procedure and other information can be found at Nominations will be accepted through May 1, 2021, for the 2022 Prize.
  • UPL announces that the Environmental Protection Agency has granted approval for IMIFLEX™ Herbicide, the companion herbicide for igrowth®, the first non-GMO, commercially available herbicide-resistant technology for grain sorghum from Alta Seeds.
  • Genetically engineered cotton and classical pest control tactics combined to rid the United States and Northern Mexico of a devastating pest, according to a new study by Agricultural Research Service and University of Arizona scientists published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Removal of pink bollworm saved U.S. cotton farmers $192 million from 2014 to 2019 alone, according to the study.
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