Podcasting Report from Stitcher

Chuck Zimmerman

The Stitcher Podcast ReportOne of the platforms we use for all our podcasts is Stitcher. Hopefully, you’re familiar with it and have given it a try.

Stitcher just published The Stitcher Podcast Report.

Stitcher, the leading company dedicated to listening to, producing and monetizing podcasts, today released the “Stitcher Podcasting Report,” a first-of-its-kind look at the evolution and growth of podcasting over the past 10 years, including what Stitcher’s COVID-19 listener data could mean for the industry’s future growth.

The “Stitcher Podcasting Report” represents the industry’s only analysis of in-app data, network content and listener demographics from Stitcher – the top network for share of podcast listening in the U.S., as measured by Edison Research’s Podcast Consumer Tracker. The report examines the factors that have driven the industry’s growth and the trends shaping it today:

Here are some those factors and trends:

The growth of podcasts is not slowing down
Some states carry more listening weight
Streaming remains popular
The rise of the mini-series
Episodes are trending shorter
Gen X is dedicated
Bouncing back amid COVID-19

Take a look at the report and it might give you some good ideas for how podcasting can fit with your marketing plan. I really like the idea of mini-series. We’ve done those in the past with the interviews we created at events like Commodity Classic. I could see more of these to come as we look at more and more digital ways to communicate.