Examining the Environmental Hoofprint of Beef

Carrie Muehling

While COVID-19 is presenting plenty of short-term challenges for the cattle industry, Alltech’s Dr. Vaughn Holder remains focused on a bigger picture of providing food security for a rapidly growing global population.

“The fact of the matter is that ruminants are the only animals that are able to convert feeds that are inedible to humans to actual high quality products that humans can eat, so I don’t see the beef or the dairy industry going away anytime soon,” said Holder, who serves as director for Alltech’s ruminant research group.

Holder said current research is looking at the way introducing total replacement minerals and enzyme technologies can reduce the carbon footprint on cattle farms and feedlots, resulting in better consequences for the environment. In light of COVID-19, the group is also looking at things like improving the antioxidant systems and immune systems of animals to better prepare for future challenges to the supply chain.

Holder presented during the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience.

Dr. Vaughn Holder, Alltech

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