Farmobile Unveils Crowd-Sourced Index

Cindy Zimmerman

Farmobile LLC is announcing the launch today of the Farmobile Index – “a crop progress and benchmarking tool that leverages crowd-sourced data to deliver planting and harvest insights to farmer-customers.”

The Farmobile Index provides users with a daily view into aggregate, state-level crop results, ahead of USDA-NASS reported survey estimates. This allows farmer-customers to glean crop progress insights which the rest of the marketplace may not realize for up to a week.

The Index provides farmers with state-level, aggregated totals of planted and harvested acres (plus yield) while contributing their anonymized, ground-truthed data to enrich the accuracy of the data set. Users can create customized views by selecting state(s) and date ranges, and compare what is happening in-field to USDA/NASS reported estimates.

“We created the Farmobile Index exclusively for our farmer-users to bridge the gap in data reporting that currently exists in ag, and ultimately help reduce market volatility,” said Jason Tatge, CEO of Farmobile. And, as always, the privacy and security of farmers is paramount to Farmobile. Only data totals, aggregated at the state-level, are used for Farmobile Index insights. Only Farmobile customers, who agree to the Equipment Lease and Data Upload Agreement, are able to access the data, and they can call us to opt-out their data from the Index.

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