GROWMARK Visibility Project Honors Past, Looks to Future

Carrie Muehling

GROWMARK is honoring the past and looking towards the future as a building visibility project brings changes to what employees and visitors see within the Bloomington-based company’s headquarters.

Several employee focus groups helped the project’s organizers to make decisions about how to best reflect GROWMARK’s noble purpose and how each interaction within the company supports feeding and fueling the world.

“We have a long, rich history in the Midwest, and part of that is that we want to honor our past but we also want to look towards our future and where we’re headed and the exciting things that we’re doing,” said Becky Ropp, GROWMARK communications director.

Visible changes within the building include montage shadowboxes highlighting company history, as well as individual employee stories that will be rotated a few times each year. The project began in public spaces of the building, but will eventually update conference rooms and other areas, as well.

Listen to Carrie’s interview with Becky here: Interview with Becky Ropp, GROWMARK

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