Unique Field Showcases FS InVISION Hybrids

Carrie Muehling

A Central Illinois corn field has helped GROWMARK to shared excitement about the FS InVISION brand in a unique way during the 2018 growing season.

The field features two FS InVISION corn hybrids, planted with a multi-hybrid planter. The difference between the shorter-stature 61S variety and the taller 62Z plants, which also have a slightly different tassel color, brought out the image of the InVISION logo within the field near Pontiac, according to Brian Gulso, GROWMARK seed marketing manager.

Gulso said the InVISION brand is locally developed and specifically selected for the Midwest geography and particular soils found in these areas. He said even in the midst of depressed commodity prices, the company is excited about new products coming to market in 2019 that are already proven to perform well.

“The InVISION brand has offered another $50 million of additional yield to growers over the last five years. So that’s a four-bushel advantage over competitors. That opportunity to put to put those incremental dollars back into growers’ pockets, even going into what we’re saying is a slight depression in commodity prices, is extremely exciting,” Gulso said.

Products to watch for as 2019 approaches include 64S, 62Z and the brand new 60U, which Gulso calls “unbelievable.”

Listen to more with Brian Gulso here: Interview with Brian Gulso, GROWMARK

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