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Chuck Zimmerman

I remember when we used the word, “post,” it meant on your blog.  Today that means anything you publish on your blog or any social networking channel.  I do miss the days when I only had to post on!  Now I have to include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  And, no, I do not use all of them regularly, especially Instagram or LinkedIn.

So, if there is indeed a simple user interface to allow me to post on all of them, to schedule posts in advance or to re-post, I’m interested in the name of efficiency.  There are a variety of services now that let you do just that.  At ZimmComm we’re looking into Coschedule, which I’m using to create and schedule this post on AgWired.

So, while I’m testing I thought I’d ask the community if you schedule.  Do you use Coschedule or another service like Sprout Social?  If you do schedule posts, why? Does it help you with time management? Does your service provide relevant analytics to determine performance and value?  I’m interested in all those things.  That’s just the way AgNerds are after all.

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  1. Hey Chuck,
    Eric with Coschedule here. Ran across your blog post – thanks for considering CoSchedule. Let me know if you have any questions I can help with!

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  2. I use Hootsuite to schedule posts! While there are services you can pay for with Hootsuite, the free version is perfect for me and allows me to schedule posts on several social media platforms.

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    Thanks Clara. I have used Hootsuite in the past and then Sprout Social and testing Coschedule now. They all have different levels of interactivity with your accounts and analytics too. IDK if there is a perfect one but I’m always open to new options.

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