Check Your Facebook Settings

Chuck Zimmerman

The first time I received this message I didn’t really pay attention. Then I got it two more times and read it in full and researched it online to make sure this is a real thing. And guess what? It is a real thing.

Essentially my account was one of the bazillion that had data involved in the whole Cambridge Analytica disaster. This message is specifically tied to one or more of my friends who used something called “This is Your Digital Life.” There’s nothing that can be done about it by me. It’s just a message informing me. But it made me take a look at all my settings which I don’t even remember having done recently. I was amazed, especially at apps that have access to my account. I lost count of how many I deleted and many I have never even heard of.

So, I’m posting this here for all you AgNerds and AgVocates out there. It does take a little time but I think it would be well worth it to go through all your settings. There’s a whole section just on ads and what you agree to see or not see. I think you’ll be surprised and ultimately glad you did this.

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