Bayer Crop Protection Portfolio Helps Farmers Fight Challenges

Carrie Muehling

Farmers who use seed treatments and premium seed packages can see early season advantages including better establishment, better root systems and better defense against disease and insect pressure. That was the key message from Bayer Senior Technical Service Representative Russ Perkins at the company’s Showcase Plot Tour in Lubbock, Texas. Perkins covered the company’s crop protection portfolio, sharing a number of products available to fight challenges in the field including insect and disease pressure, as well as weed resistance.

“Glyphosate resistance on the High Plains is obviously here these days,” said Perkins. “The easiest pigweed to control is one that never sees the light of day.”

Perkins encouraged farmers to use the STOP method with regard to controlling resistant weeds.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Russ Perkins here: Interview with Russ Perkins, Bayer

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