GROWMARK CEO Reports at Annual Meeting

Chuck Zimmerman

The CEO for GROWMARK is Jim Spradlin. Jim took the stage at the annual meeting here in Chicago to report on how GROWMARK is maintaining a focus on its core values while adapting to changing market conditions, leadership and the importance of engaged employees, implementing a strategic plan and being mindful of environmental concerns. He told me that GROWMARK has started a multi-year process to update its information technology system which is the software that runs in the background of the organization.

Jim also comments on the recent announcement of a grain partnership with COFCO International Limited. He says the project was about a year in the making and is a mutually beneficial agreement that opens up new opportunities for midwest grain producers.

You can listen to my interview with Jim here: Interview with Jim Spradlin, GROWMARK

You can find photos from the events of the annual meeting here: 2017 GROWMARK Annual Meeting Photo Album

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