2021 AgDay

Agri-Women Advocate Ag Day Every Day

Kelly Marshall

National Ag Day is an important day, but American Agri-Women are challenging members of the industry to take it further– much further.

“We join together on Ag Day, but I want to challenge you; what are you going to do tomorrow? and the next day? and the next day?” asks American Agri-Women president Doris Mold. “Are you going to be out there telling the story like our panelists said we should? We’re going to challenge you to treat everyday like Ag Day.”

Their organization has done something to share a positive message with consumers every day since their convention in November as part of the Ag Day 365 campaign. You can join in their pledge and use the hashtag #AgDay365 to share your own message with consumers and policy makers who often misunderstand or misconstrue what it is we do in agriculture.

Hear Doris’s challenge for yourself here: Doris Mold, American Agri-Women

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