Re-energizing The @OfficialNAMA Brand

Chuck Zimmerman

NAMAThe National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) brand is getting re-energized thanks to a fresh look at the organization’s mission, especially why it exists and membership value. Sounds very logical for an organization of members involved in agricultural marketing!

Here’s are NAMA’s key pillars:

  • Focus on agriculture
  • Agri-marketing education that increases skills
  • Connections that advance careers
  • Student involvement that secures the future

Here is the brand promise:

We are leaders in agri-marketing, connecting brands, agencies, publishers, media companies, students, business leadership, faculty, sponsors and exhibitors through interactive and engaging experiences that increase knowledge, recognize achievement and build relationships, to ensure personal and industry growth.

NAMA plans for regular fresh information that will be posted across all channels. Below is a video that was just published during the NAMA Fall Conference about the Agri-Business Education Foundation (ABEF).

NAMA, Video