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ZimmComm Ready for #FarmProgressShow

Cindy Zimmerman

fps-16-groupThe ZimmComm team – with mascot Mini Z – are on the ground at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa ready to begin a full day of learning about the latest in agricultural equipment and technology.

Left to right here we have Energy.AgWired and AgNewsWire editor Joanna Schroeder, me and Chuck (and Mini Z), ZimmComm general manager Clint Underwood, and Precision AgWired editor Kelly Marshall. And here is what we have to look forward to this week:

A staple of the Farm Progress Show has always been the field demonstrations. This year is no exception with a full line up of demonstrations scheduled. The combines fire up at 11 a.m each show day. Additionally, you will see auger carts collecting grain on the go, and more. Tillage tools and other special machines will operate each day from 2 to 3 p.m. This gives visitors an opportunity to view all of the competitors in each segment running side by side.

There will also be a tillage class for tools that want to run faster to show their performance features. Most of the new tillage tools, with nearly a dozen on the market, are recommended to run at 7 to 9 miles per hour. When they are run at slower speeds, you don’t always get a true picture of how these machines work. The advent of vertical tillage has made it necessary to change the rules, and boost the longstanding speed limit on the demo field. Vertical-tillage tools can operate at their optimum speed once more traditional tillage tools have made their passes.

Another favorite attraction for Farm Progress Show visitors are the Ride ‘n Drives. This year, visitors can test drive a new truck, ATV and tractor tires. Yamaha, Ram Trucks, Michelin, Chevrolet, and Titan Tire are all participating in the Ride ‘n Drives. All Ride ‘n Drive participants will be located east of exhibit field by Tram Loading.

If you are at the show, hope to see you – if not, stay tuned here and on Precision.AgWired for all the latest!

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