Bayer #AgVocacy Forum Talks Antibiotic Resistance

Lizzy Schultz

bayer-agvocate-resistance Bayer Crop Science held a series of panels covering a variety of important topics during an #AgVocacy Forum at the 2016 Commodity Classic last week in New Orleans. Discussion surrounded antibiotic resistance in crops, animals, and humans, and how all three of those industries must share equal responsibility in terms of prioritizing antibiotic stewardship in their fields. The panel included experts in each of the three healthcare industries involved in the discussion.

Dr. Anne Kobecky Vidaver, Professor Emeritus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, has held a number of leadership roles in her field, including the Chair of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Department of Plant Pathology, Chief Scientist for the USDA Research Initiative the Board President of the HAW Institute for Alternative Agriculture, and Chair of the Food and Ag Committee of the American Society for Microbiology’s Public and Scientific Affairs Board.

Dr. Margaret Riley, Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, received her PhD from Harvard University before receiving a faculty position at Yale University, where she remained for 15 years and developed internationally renowned research program in antimicrobial drug discovery. She co-founded a biopharmaceutical company, Bacteriotix, LLC, and the Institute for Drug Resistance, whose mission is to facilitate novel multi-disciplinary approaches to address the challenge of drug resistance.

Dr. Tim Landers, Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University, has focused his research on epidemiology, preventing antibiotic resistance, and practical, evidence-based strategies to prevent infections. His research on MRSA transmission among pet owners has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and his current lab is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a project on patient-centered hand hygiene as a means of reducing antibiotic resistance.

Listen to their comments here:
Bayer #AgVocate News Panel

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