Using Social Listening for Content Ideation at AgCatalyst

Chuck Zimmerman

Hannah GodfreyIdeation is the forming of ideas or concepts. When it comes to online content creation where do you get the inspiration for your ideation? How about social listening?

That’s a take away from the AgCatalyst session by Hannah Godfrey, Brandwatch. When it’s all about content creation to tell your brand’s story sometimes listening to what your customers are saying is the best place to get ideas. Hannah says, “How can we use this mass of conversations that are happening out there about different foods, drinks, brands and products, how can we leverage them to really find ideas for content generation that help us tell the story of our brands in a more meaningful way online?”

I suggested doing an interview with! But you can also obtain the services of a company like Brandwatch too.

You can listen to my interview with Hannah here: Interview with Hannah Godfrey

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