What the Heck is Certified Humane?

Cindy Zimmerman

CertifiedHumane1This press release from PR Newswire caught my attention this morning – “What is a Certified Humane® turkey and where can you find one for this Thanksgiving?”

Okay, I’ll bite – what is a certified humane turkey? According to the release from Certified Humane and Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC):

A Certified Humane® turkey is a turkey raised on a farm where it can express its natural behaviors, such as flapping its wings, moving around freely and perching above ground at night. Raised without animal by-products and without the use of antibiotics, these turkeys meet the Humane Farm Animal Care (HFAC) program’s precise standards of care for the humane treatment of farm animals.

Sunrise Farms Certified Humane® Frozen Young Turkeys are available exclusively at Sobeys, which is a Canadian company that has been delivering refrigerated meat to homes for 106 years. So, the answer to where you can get one for Thanksgiving is Canada. Pretty sure we’re going to stick with regular old “inhumane” turkey for Thanksgiving anyway!

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