Humorous Words of Wisdom at O.H. Kruse

Chuck Zimmerman

Damian MasonKeynote speaker and comedian, Damian Mason, graced attendees of O.H. Kruse Grand Opportunity event with his quick humor and motivational words.

Chuck has had the chance to speak with Damian before, but wanted to capture the take home message for those not able to hear his inspiring and comical words of wisdom.

“For these people at O.H. Kruse they obviously sell feed who sell it to retail customers. So, what I thought about my whole flight here was what would I want to know, what would I want an outsider to tell me if I was in the business as an independent feed dealer. I want to tell a few stories here today that are about customer service with an ag theme and it’s going to be funny. I’m going to talk about me as a small business person because what I do is sell presentations to corporate events where I can get up, make people laugh and make people think.”

Damian stated that these dealers don’t sell bags of feed, but they sell solutions. They sell piece of mind and many other things that aren’t simply bags of feed.

Being funny is easy for Damian, but being funny isn’t the true purpose of his words. He focuses on how his words can become relevant to each and every audience member. Just because his audience is often those involved in the agriculture community doesn’t mean they all need to hear the same thing.

You can listen to Chuck’s interview with Damian here: Interview with Damian Mason

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