Meatless Monday Campaign Flops

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Meatless Monday FloopThis is no surprise to me. The Meatless Monday campaign doesn’t have the participation the organizers would like you to think they have. I have thought for some time that reports and effects of animal activists and their trendy sounding ideas are way over estimated.

Thanks to the Animal Agriculture Alliance for doing this research!

After weeks of investigation, the Animal Agriculture Alliance has concluded that the Meatless Monday Campaign is grossly misrepresenting the campaign’s enrollment and prevalence among schools, restaurants, hospitals and colleges. Since the inception of the Meatless Monday campaign, the Alliance has closely monitored the campaign’s progress and tried to correct its misinformation about the healthfulness of meat consumption and environmental impact of livestock production.

In anticipation of the Meatless Monday campaign’s 10th anniversary, the Alliance analyzed the overall effects of the campaign and gauged its effectiveness by individually surveying every participant listed on the Meatless Monday website. The Alliance found that the campaign has not been as popular as the Meatless Monday movement claimed. Most notably:

Out of the 236 kindergarten through twelfth grade schools listed as participating, more than 51% no longer or never participated in the program; Out of the 155 colleges/universities listed as participating, more than 43.2% no longer or never participated in the program; Out of the school districts listed as participating, more than 57% no longer do.

The Meatless Monday campaign also counts restaurants and food service providers among their allies, yet, over 35% and 47%, respectively, no longer participate in the program.

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  1. James Demoruelle

    I make it a point to eat meat on Monday at every meal and every snack. To not openly revolt against the Animal Rights Neurotics is to eventually allow then to win. They shoot for the moon then settle for Wake Island, but they won something. We must directly confront/attack every thing they place on the table. A freeman does not have to ask permission…..jimdemoruelle

  2. Ima Hameater

    I didn’t even know about “Meatless Monday” so I could deliberately ignore it. Dang It !!! Think how much better those steaks and chicken would have tasted if I would have known I was crapping on some vegan/communist/globalist bulls#@& dingbat “program the sheeple” program like this. Now that its hunting season, lets start a “kill something to eat Monday”……….
    This globalist agenda stuff like “Spineless Monday” only gets attention because of the vast majority of this country’s citizens have a HUGE multi-generational disconnect with the natural world, instead of the way nature REALLY IS.
    Vegan diets kill brain cells….just look at Hollywood…..

  3. Adam Miller

    So does this mean that some of those schools actually participated? That’s a shame. For me it would have been bring your lunch to school Mondays.

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