Rod Hamilton Brings Sexy Back to Ag

Ever since Justin Timberlake sang about bringing sexy back, it appears that sexy is making its way back to a lot of things – including, says Rod Hamilton, agriculture. Although he admits that the cheek and tongue comment gets people’s attention and that’s not necessarily the image in which he believes ag should brand itself, he is serious that one reason kids and college students aren’t working toward careers in ag is because they don’t think its a cool industry. But it is.

AgCareers13-HRroundtable-hamiltonRod Hamilton joked about not being sure why he was asked to speak to the over 200 attendees at Ag & Food HR Roundtable but it only took a few comments for everyone to realize, why in fact, he was perfect. Rod didn’t begin life on a farm. He was sent to a farm to “grow up” and before he knew it he landed a job at Christensen Farms (a pork producer) based in Minnesota. Now the communications manager, he has seen several things: an industry that is not delivering a consistent message nor doing a good job of telling positive stories about itself and a shortage of up and coming talent. He noted that HR managers need to widen their pool of candidates and begin recruiting kids at a younger age to get them excited about agriculture.

Rod is also interesting because he sees an industry that needs more involvement in politics, so to fill the void he became a politician. He is now serving his fifth term in the Minnesota House of Representatives, and he is a member of the Agriculture Committee and served as Minority Lead, Vice Chair and Chair of the Committee. In this role, he has worked with educators throughout the state from elementary school through college as well as members of Minnesota communities who are passionate about where their food comes from, to ensure ag education stays in the classroom. And fortunately for the ag industry, he is just ramping up his career.

I couldn’t help but become excited about the field during his presentation and as the first day came to a close, I realized that if HR managers could bottle his passion for the industry and for kids and sprinkle it on students around the country, there would no longer be a shortage of amazing talent entering the agribusiness industry. But until then, he gave HR managers some great advice on recruiting and retaining talent to the ag industry.

Listen to my interview with Rod Hamilton here: Rod Hamilton Brings Sexy Back to Ag

Visit the Ag & Food HR Roundtable photo album. HR Roundtable Kicks off to Full House Ag & Food HR Roundtable (@AgCareers / #AgRT) kicked off in Johnston, Iowa today, the home of global agricultural powerhouse and event host, DuPont Pioneer. Each year the event has grown larger and its no wonder why. With an urgent need for new agcareers13-HRroundtable-spelltalent to join the agricultural industry, there is no better event in the country for HR managers to network about job recruiting, hiring and retention tips.

The first session kicked off with some remarks from President Eric Spell (who BTW- I am in a Twitter competition with) who discussed some recent trends, gave some project updates and announced some new and exciting projects. In addition, he announced the preliminary results of AGRIBUSINESS HR REVIEW. This year more than 60 agribusiness companies participated with information about emerging industry trends and developments regarding Salary Reviews, HR Management Practices, Management Performance Schemes, Benefits and Salary Packaging, Recruitment Practice, Retirement Trends, and Branding Practices.

A few key discoveries according to Spell: more than 1 million agribusiness veterans are expected to retire in the next three or so years. This during the same time that there is a severe shortage of students who are graduating and taking jobs in the agribusiness field. The two hottest career fields in agriculture over the next few years: plant sciences or agronomy. has thousands of jobs on its site at any given time also has job posts for thousands of internships. Spell said the most high-profile internships for 2014 will be filled by Thanksgiving and encourages students, and employers to begin the search now.

But maybe one of the coolest programs AgCareers has, and it happens to be new, is its AgWarriors program which aims at helping connect veterans and employers. Interestingly, Spell said that more than 40 percent of the jobs needed in Ag don’t require ag backgrounds and with the unique skill sets these veterans bring to the workforce, they will be in high-demand to fill positions over coming years.

I’ve barely touched on the great information that was shared during the opening session today. You can listen to my interview with Eric Spell here: Interview with Eric Spell

Visit the Ag & Food HR Roundtable photo album.

Passing the AAEA Gavel

ams13-aaea-prezAt the American Agricultural Editors Association (AAEA) membership meeting this morning at the Ag Media Summit, the gavel was officially passed and a new president took over the reins of the organization.

Laurie Bedord with Successful Farming (right) is now the immediate past president of AAEA and Holly Spangler of Prairie Farmer is the new president. They are both excited about the direction of the organization and getting more young people involved for the future of agricultural journalism.

Listen to my interview with Laurie and Holly here: Interview with two AAEA presidents

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

FMC Announces Anthem Finalists at AMS

ams13-fmcYou could call it “Rural America’s Got Talent.” After six months, 185 entries and a round of online voting and judging, FMC Corporation has announced the final four contestants in the Anthem “Stand and be Heard” Singing Contest.

“This is the second year we’ve had the Stand and be Heard contest,” said FMC’s Tim Thompson, pictured here second from the right with his colleagues at the Ag Media Summit this week. “It’s for students in FFA, NAMA and 4H – ag students – who sing the national anthem on video and submit it and (are judged) for the opportunity to win up to $10,000 in scholarships.”

FMC Anthem Stand and Be HeardTim says over 30 states were represented in the entries and they have now been judged down to the final four – Alexander Raun, 18, from Minden, Nebraska; Alexandra Carpenter, 19, from Crawfordsville, Indiana; Hayley Hall, 17, from Bladenboro, North Carolina; and Noelle Goodson, 18, Fayette, Ohio.

Next the four will be on their way to Nashville for a professional recording session and new videos will be posted to the site on August 26 so you can cast your vote for the winner. You really have to go and listen to these kids sing acapella to hear their pure sound. Everyone knows what a difficult song our beautiful national anthem is to sing, so you know these kids have real talent!

The contest was started last year to promote FMC’s Anthem herbicide for corn and Tim says they expect to have new registrations coming soon for cereals, potatoes, peanuts, cotton and soybeans. “A great grass products, longest residual product on the market today, along with great broadleaf control for things like palmer amaranth,” he added.

Listen to my interview with Tim here: Interview with Tim Thompson, FMC

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

True Blue Tractor Luxury

new-holland-ag-13-103-editedThe two tractors highlighted during New Holland Agriculture’s First in the Field Media Event included the T5 and T6 series tractors. The new T5 has redefined utility tractor standards for mixed farmers with diversified livestock and crop operations. And the T6 has been further enriched by the addition of Auto Command.

T5 Series:
- 3.4L F5D Tier 4A emission complaint engines that utilize a Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system & a Diesel Particulate Filter.
- Heavy-duty components that enable long hours of working on the farm.
- A broad loader offering further enhanced versatility.
- VisionView cab provides ultimate comfort and visibility.
- Ergonomic CommandArc console provides the operator with perfect placement of controls.

T6 Series:
- Auto Command transmission for enhanced efficiency.
- Multi-award-winning Side Winder II armrest.
- Upgraded Horizon Cab for outstanding all-day comfort.
- Powerful hydraulics boasting 33 gal. per min. of flow capacity.
- Blue Power edition for a touch of farming luxury.
- ECOBlue SCR technology which will reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Mike Sevick, Marketing Specialist in Dairy & Livestock Brand Marketing, specifically works with T4, T5, T5 Electro Command, T6, T6 Auto Command and TS6 series tractors. While explaining all the new features of these tractors, Mike was excited to share the dealers enthusiasm while they got behind the wheel of these blue beauties. He even stated that many are looking for them to replace the T6020 and T6030 tractors.

Listen to my interview with Mike from here: Interview with Mike Sevick

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

AMS Student Awards

ams13-lpc-studentsAll of the students attending Ag Media Summit are outstanding, but several of them received special recognition at the awards luncheon on Monday.

The Livestock Publications Council recognized four students as Forest Bassford award finalists, with Ann Kopecky on the left representing sponsor Alltech. Next to Ann from the left are finalists Kari Weis (University of Missouri), Reba Underwood (West Texas A&M), Claire Carlson and Logan Britton (both from Kansas State). The winner of the award honoring the founder of LPC was Kari.

ams13-aaea-awardsKari was also one of four students who received scholarships from AAEA. Next to Kari here are Ellen Reeder (University of Illinois) and Courtney Leeper, also from MU. Next to Courtney is JoAnn Alumbaugh, Pork Network and AAEA committee chair, who made the presentations. Not pictured is Maggie Jo Pruitt, University of Arkansas, who is completing a summer internship abroad.

I talked to Kari about her experience at Ag Media Summit, which she says is like “one big family.”

Listen to my interview with Kari here: Interview with student award winner Kari Weis

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

The International Side of AMS

ams13-marcusLess than a month from now, many of the folks in Buffalo at the Ag Media Summit will be in Argentina for the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) 2013 Congress. But this week, IFAJ came to us as organization president Markus Rediger and his wife Marianne of Switzerland attended the AMS.

“I like very much to be here with my colleagues in North America,” Markus said. “Actually, I was at an AAEA meeting in 1985, way before I was at the first IFAJ Congress.” That is because Markus was at the University of Illinois at that time and was introduced to North American agricultural journalism by none other than the legendary Dr. Jim Evans. Markus and his wife were visiting friends in Illinois last week before heading to New York for the AMS.

Markus is excited about the upcoming IFAJ Congress in Argentina. “It’s the first Congress in Latin America for IFAJ,” he said. “Argentina is quite a large agricultural producer in many markets.” He adds that IFAJ currently has about 30 countries that have member guilds, including AAEA here in the United States, with more being added each year.

Listen to my interview with Markus here: Interview with Markus Rediger, IFAJ president

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

National ACT at AMS

ams13-actAbout 60 students representing eight different universities across the country are attending the Ag Media Summit this week as part of the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. The officers are pictured here in Gatsby garb at the welcome party and they are Breanne Brammer, Hannah Miller, Andy Barth, Jennifer Ray, and Faith Jurek.

ams13-andyI got a chance to chat with Andy this morning about the importance of NACT being a part of AMS. “Ag Communicators of Tomorrow is a student organization at the collegiate level, preparing students for a career in ag communications and being involved in Ag Media Summit is such a wonderful experience because they get to work and interact with industry professionals,” said Andy.

The organization began actually holding its annual business meeting at AMS a few years ago, presenting awards and electing new officers, while at the same time having the opportunity to network with those in the industry.

Listen to my interview with Andy here: Interview with Andy Barth, NACT president

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

Center-Pivot Discbine Mower-Conditioners

new-holland-ag-13-064-editedOne of the six checkpoints we traveled through during New Holland Agriculture’s First in the Field Media Event was on their new discbines. New Holland has taken discbines to a whole new level with even more durability and functionality with their two new center-pivot models. Discbine 313 and 316 are designed for cleaner cutting, more efficient crop flow and smoother, more effective conditioning.

  • The MowMax II cutter bar offers improved durability and the ShockPRO fail safe system.
  • The WideDry conditioning system is 22.5% wider than New Holland’s previous models.
  • These models offer simplified drivelines with single drive shaft and advanced shielding with high density, bi-fold upper shielding, reducing the weight by 75%.
  • A two-speed conditioning system is adjustable for the perfect hay quality.
  • The LeaningEdge flail conditioning allows for even faster drying.
  • Those working in energy crops like cane and corn stover might be interested in the new BioMass Kit.

new-holland-ag-13-059-editedDuring the media event I spoke with Brand Marketing Manager for Hay & Forage Crop Preparation Products, Seth Doman. Not only did he share more insight into these proven technologies, but also when farmers can find them at their local New Holland dealership.

Listen to my interview with Seth from here: Interview with Seth Doman

View photos from the event here: 2013 New Holland Ag Media Event Photo Album

Why Farm Broadcasters Should Attend AMS

ams13-mediaEvery time I attend the Ag Media Summit I am disappointed that there are few, if any, farm broadcasters here. It’s really sad because this is such a great event and there is so much to offer for broadcasters in this day and age.

Here’s just a few reasons why farm broadcasters should be a part of AMS, either by NAFB becoming part of the meeting as an organization, or by individuals joining AAEA.

1. Professional Improvement – with most farm broadcasters now carrying cameras, shooting video and writing for online content, this is a terrific opportunity to learn more about how to do all of that. Numerous writing and photography sessions at AMS provide an education that you just can’t get without going back to school.

2. New Venues – AMS changes location every year and offers pre-conference farm tours to visit new areas of the country like farm broadcasters used to be able to do with the regional and summer meetings back in the day. This year in Buffalo, they toured a dairy farm, apple orchard and winery.

3. Networking – Besides our friends in the “print media” world, most of our company, organization and agency clients are at this event as well.

4. Student connection – Student members of the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) meet at AMS each year, which provides a great opportunity to connect with future industry professionals.

5. International opportunities – Being a part of AAEA also allows broadcasters to be part of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) and the opportunity to attend the organization’s annual summit. This year we are going to Argentina. It’s a global community in so many ways and this is such a great way to make contacts with our peers in other countries.

Bottom line is farm broadcasters are ag media and should be part of the Ag Media Summit.

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

Zimfo Bytes

    Zimfo Bytes

  • Ed Rhodes will serve as the NFI Crab Council’s Executive Director.
  • Dawson Tire & Wheel, North America’s leading supplier of tires, wheels and assemblies to the agricultural marketplace, has announced the establishment of a sales and distribution center at 5360 West 84th Street in Indianapolis, IN.
  • The Biotechnology Industry Organization announced the launch of BIO Jobs, an online resource for biotechnology employment opportunities.
  • POET Founder and Executive Chairman, Jeff Broin, was honored by Top Producer Magazine readers as the top brave thinker in agriculture over the last 30 years.

Farm Bureau Buys Farm Shows/Publications

American Farm Bureau FederationI don’t know about you but this caught me by surprise. What do you think about what Farm Bureau’s big announcement today?

The American Farm Bureau Federation announced today the acquisition of Cygnus Business Media’s agricultural events and publications. The purchase includes five IDEAg branded farm shows – Minnesota Farmfest, Dakotafest, Amarillo Farm and Ranch Show, Northern Illinois Farm Show and the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference. The business also publishes Feed & Grain Magazine and Case IH’s Farm Forum magazine.

IdeAg“This acquisition is the union of very strong brands that are deeply-rooted in agriculture,” said American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman. “By joining the Farm Bureau family, these publications and events create additional opportunities for us to serve farmers, ranchers and the stakeholders looking to connect with them.”

The events and publications will operate as part of IDEAg Group, LLC, which is wholly owned by the American Farm Bureau Federation. All of the current managers and staff of the events and publications agreed to continue in their positions.

Ag Media Summit is Wet and Wild

ams13-fallsA trip to Niagara Falls and a Roaring 20s welcome party kicked off the 15th annual Ag Media Summit on Sunday.

Lots of us got a chance to see one of the wonders of the world up close and personal on the Maid of the Mist boat tour that lets you “Explore the Roar” of the falls. It was a gorgeous day and we had a great time!

ams13-danceThe Famous Welcome Party featured a “Great Gatsby” theme and the flappers were out in force. You must check out the photo album to see all the great costumes. Some of these folks were meant to be in that era!

I think we should have an online vote for best costumes of the night – check out the album and comment here to let us know who you think rocked the Gatsby look best.

Today we get down to work with professional improvement seminars, so I have to run. Thanks again to FMC for letting us bring AMS to you.

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

Winging It at Ag Media Summit

ams-1The 15th annual Ag Media Summit is breaking records in Buffalo, according to steering committee chairman Greg Horstmeier with DTN/The Progressive Farmer.

“We’ve broken records on attendance this year, we’ve broken or met some records on the InfoExpo for number of exhibitors that we have, we’ve broken records on sponsorships,” said Greg. “So it’s a big sign that the Ag Media Summit continues to be a very successful event.”

ams13-gregBuffalo, New York is a unique venue for the event and a place that many of us never get to visit in our agricultural travels. “We’ve not been this far north or east since the summit was created,” Greg said. “I think members like to get around a little bit.” Many of the attendees participated in the agricultural tour on Saturday that included a dairy farm, apple orchard and winery. Sunday included an outing to Niagara Falls, which was very cool!

The summit is a joint meeting of the American Agricultural Editors’ Association (AAEA), the Livestock Publications Council (LPC) and the American Business Media Agri-Council (ABM) and it is also a meeting for members of the Agriculture Communicators of Tomorrow, which Greg says is a great opportunity for both the professionals and the students. “It’s fantastic for us (the professionals) because we get a chance to see the new crop of journalists,” Greg said. “It’s impressive the class of students that come to this event.”

Listen to my interview with Greg here: Interview with Greg Horstmeier

Thanks to FMC Corporation for helping us bring the Ag Media Summit to you this year.

Check out the photo album already started and we’ll be adding more as they happen!

2013 Ag Media Summit Photo Album

Honoring Marsha Purcell

Marsha Purcell and Gene HemphillA big thank you to our good friend Gene Hemphill for sharing a photo of Marsha Purcell who has just retired from a career of service to agriculture. He went further though in also providing us with these fantastic comments:

Email Dateline: Friday, Aug. 2, 2013 – “Wow! The day has finally come and I can’t believe it – it’s retirement day!“

And there it is, the final public message launched into cyber space from her American Farm Bureau Federation e-mail address. It was a farewell to professional relationships across the country – all who were touched and inspired by her dedication, expertise, dependability and humor – all laced into a tremendous work ethic that spanned throughout her 35-year career.

Marsha Purcell was and indeed remains a reluctant trailblazer – reluctance enhanced by her inherent sense of humility; I do not believe she ever fully recognized the footprints she was implanting thus far through her journey. Those footprints include raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for research and ag literacy … revitalizing safety programs … continued refocusing efforts of the Women’s Leadership Committee … managing the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture for 13 years … working diligently with Ag in the Classroom, where she earned the USDA Distinguished Service to Ag in the Classroom award . She also earned the Centennial Laureate Award from her alma mater (University of Kentucky)… the Management Executive Achievement Award from the Association Forum of Chicagoland, and the list indeed really goes on. All of this and more from a lady who began her career with the Kentucky Farm Bureau and eventually became the first female member of the AFBF’s management team. Beyond the doors of Farm Bureau she has also served on, among many others, the boards of organizations such as the International Society for Agricultural Safety and Health and the National Farm-City Council (NFCC). As past chair on the National Farm-City Council and current board member, I had the honor of presenting Marsha with a special plaque which offered tribute to her more than 30 years of dedication to the organization. During that presentation I recited words from a letter directed toward Marsha from current NFCC chairman Hugh Whaley:

“This letter is not intended to recall memories. Rather, it is intended to celebrate the future, your future and the future of the goals to which you have endeared yourself. From all of us on the National Farm-City Board, we wish for you safe travels as you journey forward exploring new highways. It is a comfort knowing that one of those roads will always carry your never-fading spirit as a steward of agriculture.”

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Ethanol Fuel

Renewable Fuels Association at SturgisOn my way to Sturgis, SD this weekend for my second trip to the Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground and the 73rd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. I’ll be working with our good friends at the Renewable Fuels Association. They are partnered with the event and venue to promote the use of ethanol fuel to motorcycle enthusiasts. And having been there once, let me tell you, these are motorcycle enthusiasts!

RFA has produced promotional and educational materials, banners and merchandise including koozies and t-shirts (featured above) exclusively for this event that will be handed out at various locations during the week. The RFA’s promotional trailer will be featured at The Crossroads, a gathering area for riders. The Sturgis Rally offers an opportunity for attendees to be educated on ethanol-blended fuel as it is often mischaracterized as a problem fuel for engines found in motorcycles.

New this year, campers at the Buffalo Chip will see more ethanol promotional efforts on the jumbotrons during the day and concerts at night as videos play 144 times each day. Banners will now also wrap the jumbotrons.

Returning this year is the opportunity for riders to fuel their motorcycles for free. The “Free Fuel Happy Hours” promotion will allow motorcyclists to fill their tank, free of charge, with 93 octane E10 (10 percent ethanol). This high octane fuel is not available in the area, and will be brought in specifically for this event. To fill up, riders must have a Buffalo Chip wristband and no fuel containers will be allowed. The Free Fuel Happy Hours will be on Tuesday, August 6, Wednesday, August 7 and Thursday, August 8 at The Crossroads at the Buffalo Chip from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

“We’re very pleased to have the Renewable Fuels Association at the Chip and offer our campers some education and free ethanol-blended fuel,” said Rod Woodruff of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “The RFA will be here to address some of the loose talk we all hear about motorcycles and ethanol. Personally, I’ve used home-grown American ethanol-blended fuel in my motorcycle for years. Naturally, I’m looking forward to getting a free fill at the Buffalo Chip’s CrossRoads during the RFA’s ‘Free Fuel Happy Hours’ and, hopefully, even get some free ‘Fueled with Pride’ stuff.”

Historical Ag Data Online

If you want to amaze friend and family or just have some stimulating cocktail party icebreakers, check out the fun facts you can find in 77 years of historical data now available online from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

Here are a few examples:

U.S. egg exports skyrocketed from 5 million dozen in 1940 to 153 million dozen in 1941 and by 1944, that number was nearly 700 million dozen.

Iowa harvested 2.36 billion bushels of corn in 2011, more than the entire U.S. corn harvest of 1935.

Horse and mule populations fell from 18.7 million in 1930 to 3.1 million in 1960, after which the statistic was discontinued.

NASS just recently completed the digital compilation of data since 1936. In the past, this information, published in the annual bulletin Agricultural Statistics, was available in print form only. The volumes detail U.S. farming for much of the 20th century, including the Dust Bowl and World War II.

“U.S. agriculture continues to progress by learning from our past, which is why it is imperative to have historic data easily available,” said Dr. Cynthia Clark, NASS Administrator. “By publishing this information online we are simplifying the research process and further enhancing access to this important and interesting information.”

It is pretty interesting stuff. Check it out!

Zimfo Bytes

    Zimfo Bytes

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that Vidalia onion producers will vote from September 9 through September 27, 2013, on whether to continue their Federal marketing order.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture will announce Saturday, August 3 the number of markets registered in the 2013 National Farmers Market Directory, kicking off National Farmer’s Market Week (August 4-10, 2013).
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. (BIVI) names Del Birkhofer to executive director of the Swine Division.
  • Syngenta is adding to its pool of the most diverse corn genetics in the industry with the introduction of 102 corn hybrids for the 2014 planting season.

Ag Leader Continues to Invest in Developing Dealers

Insights Weekly

Over the course of the past couple of years, Ag Leader has watched how the computer industry and the way they host peer groups in an effort to educate dealers and facilitate idea-sharing sessions, trying to see if it was a good fit for the precision agriculture industry. The genesis for peer group sharing has been around for decades, and being in a developing industry (precision ag is only a mere 20 years old), Ag Leader felt it mutually beneficial to develop the Precision Ag Peer Group program for dealers to help them grow their businesses. The purpose of the groups is business and personal growth driven by execution.

Michael Vos, Ag Leader territory development manager, says peer groups help dealers network, discover new and innovative ideas (that’s what precision ag is all about, right?), learn about business practices across the country and improve on their leadership and management skills.

Listen to my full interview with Vos here.

Listen to Vos explain

Vos says people understand the big idea behind peer groups but until you experience them for a day, you don’t really know their true value…the results are encouraging. Contact your Ag Leader territory manager today if you are interested.

Become a fan of Ag Leader on Facebook today, and get the latest precision ag videos on the YouTube channel. For more information about Ag Leader products and services, or to visit the blog site, go to

Nation’s Largest Outdoor Farm Show Expands

FPS13-flagThe nation’s largest outdoor farm event, Farm Progress Show, has once again exceeded the initial projections for exhibit space. But don’t worry they are introducing an expanded show site for the event to be held in Decatur, IL. August 27-29. A new street has been added as well as an annex.

“When the Farm Progress Show sites were built in Decatur and Boone, they were built to accommodate the largest show usage in recent times,” says Matt Jungmann, national events manager. “Before the 2011 show, we added Eleventh Street to meet the demand for space. This year, it became clear that extra space was needed to accommodate all the requests by exhibitors, and the investment would need to be made to accommodate those requests.”

Throughout the last eight years Farm Progress Show has been in Decatur, grounds have grown from 10 streets 12. This expansion equates to 3.647 million square feet of exhibit space, a 6% increase since 2011. The new annex has an excess of 60 new companies exhibiting. With all these additions the show will host more than 600 companies, almost 100 more than in previous years.

The event is more than just the latest in ag technology, visitors can take in the 3rd Annual Great Lakes Hybrids Farm Progress Show Shootout Tractor Pull or a country music concert headlined by Chris Cagle.

Don’t forget to download the handy Farm Progress Show app for iPhone and Android. For more information visit the event website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.