Agvocating with Youtility

Chuck Zimmerman

ZimmCast 409The AgChat Foundation has a new President after the board meeting held during the 2013 National Agvocacy Conference. He’s Jeff VanderWerff, Michigan farmer. I spoke to him during the conference and with our keynote speaker.

Jeff VanderWerffJeff told me that the organization is in great shape as it continues its mission of “Empowering farmers and ranchers to connect communities through social media platforms.” That’s what training conferences like this one accomplish when up to 100 new agvocates go back home to tell their stories from the farm. It’s also what social media campaigns like #FoodThanks do and another one is planned for this fall.

Jay BaerYoutility is a concept that the newly trained agvocates from the 2013 National Agvocacy 2.0 Conference got a full dose of. That is also the title of a new book by Jay Baer who keynoted the conference. Jay and I sat down for a chat about his Youtility concept and changes in technology and media. I think you’ll enjoy his ideas. One that stood out for me is how much more difficult the job of a media buyer is today when you consider the incredible fragmentation of audiences that are using not only traditional media but the new media of today.

Listen to this week’s ZimmCast here: Agvocating with Youtility

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