Broadcasters Support Farm Broadcasting

Cindy Zimmerman

ZimmCast 396The roots of agricultural broadcasting run deep in broadcast history, starting with the first stations on the air in the 1920’s airing weather and market reports for farmers and ranchers. By 1922, the USDA reported that 35 of the 36 stations licensed by the Commerce Department had been approved to broadcast USDA markets!

Since farm broadcasting has been such an important part of radio and television programming over the years, it’s appropriate that the National Association of Broadcasters helps to support some of the activities of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting, particularly the annual NAFB Washington Watch.

nabWe talked with NAB Executive Vice President of Communications Dennis Wharton about their support of NAFB and some policy concerns that the two organizations share in common, such as the impact that impending spectrum incentive auctions could have on television translator service and low power television service in rural areas, which we detailed in an earlier post.

Listen to my conversation with Dennis here: ZimmCast with NAB

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