Iowa – 4th Largest Corn Producer in the World

Joanna Schroeder

irfa-northeyDid you know that if Iowa were a country, it would be the fourth largest producer of corn in the world? Iowa would be behind the number one corn producer, the U.S. followed by China, who has about the same number of acres in production but only 2/3 the production. Number three is Brazil, who with the drought is ahead of us in production (but keep in mind the country’s growing season is a head of ours) and Iowa would be number four. Iowa also produces more than the entire European Union – comprised of 27 countries.

And Iowa has a tiny footprint in comparison to America, U.S. and Brazil. Talk about growing more on less land!

Guess who told me this cool stuff. Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey who I had a chance to speak with during the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit.

Iowa is the largest producer of corn-ethanol in the world with 41 plants producing between 3.5 and 4 billion gallons of fuel per year and the largest biodiesel producer in the U.S. This feat would, if Iowa converted to 100 percent biodiesel and ethanol, make the state entirely energy independent.

You’ll can learn some other cool Iowa facts in my interview with Bill: Iowa- 4th Largest Corn Producer in the World

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