Las Vegas Biodiesel Conference Time

Chuck Zimmerman

National Biodiesel Conference 2013For the first time ever the National Biodiesel Conference will be held in Las Vegas. I will be there along with Cindy and Joanna Schroeder. We’ll be biodiesel blogging and providing coverage mostly on Domestic Fuel. Here’s where you can find registration information if you haven’t gotten that done yet.

To get a preview of what’s to come listen in on an interview with Jessica Robinson, Director of Communications for the National Biodiesel Board. The conference theme is Momentum. Jessica says the theme fits on several levels. To start with, the National Biodiesel Board and biodiesel is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Then you have to look at the challenging year the industry had in 2012. Now NBB feels like it is poised for new growth in 2013. It is the first time the conference has been held in Las Vegas.

You can listen to my preview interview with Jessica here: Preview Interview with Jessica Robinson

The National Biodiesel Conference is running at the same time as the National Ethanol Conference, which is also in Las Vegas. This will be an interesting trip for the ZimmComm team. We’d like to see more ag media cover these conventions since there is not only good news and information but it’s very ag based since the main feed stocks for each renewable energy source come from farms. But if you can’t cover it then just follow along with us here and on Domestic Fuel or the Biodiesel Conference Blog to obtain photos and interviews, etc.

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