Learn, Laugh, & Lead at 2013 CCA Bootcamp

Jamie Johansen

image003The Cooperative Communications Association’s 2013 Professional Development workshop will be here before you know it. Register by January 11 to attend the CCA Bootcamp held January 29th & 30th in Bloomington, IL.

Be sure to pack your tools of the trade including camera and/or video camera to fine tune skills in web design, photography, videography & social media. The world of agriculture communications is an ever changing industry. Here is what you can look forward to absorbing during the two-day bootcamp.

“Guerilla Strategies for Good Web Design”
Presented by Business Builders:

We all want our websites to look good and function well, but how do you know what “good” really is? No matter what software or platform you use to create your sites, there are some elements that all good websites have in common. This session will give you the what, why and how to get in and get out with a stellar site.

cca bootcamp“Surveying Your Battle Map”
Presented by Jim Polus, Illinois Farm Bureau Videographer:

If a picture paints a thousand words, how much more of the story can video tell? The popularity of short videos has surged in recent years and has many applications for communicators today. Jim will talk about equipment, storyboarding, software and tips for creating amazing videos on any budget.

“Using All the Weapons in Your Arsenal”
Presented by Barb Adelman, Elan Studios Photography:

Show of hands – how many of us ever take our cameras off the “auto” setting? Today’s digital cameras at any level can take great pictures – if you just know what settings to use and when. This session will help you understand the basics of photography and how to use those “other” options on your camera to take better pictures.

“I Don’t Know But I’ve Been Told”
Presented by Tricia Braid, Illinois Corn Growers Association:

Social media is here to stay and new sites keep appearing almost daily. How do you decide which ones are right for your organization? It’s a decision that must be made with many factors in mind, including how the platform fits with your existing PR strategy and company goals and culture. Tricia will share some of her experiences with the Corn Growers and the Illinois Farm Families initiative as examples of successful social media campaigns.

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