Merck Says Lookout for BRD in Cattle

Chuck Zimmerman

Now that winter is upon us it’s time for cattle producers to take note of BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease). At the recent NAFB convention I spoke with Dr. Eric Moore, Merck Animal Health, about this subject. He says this disease has plagued the industry since the beginning. “It’s one of the most costly conditions we have within our industry.”

There are multiple causes for BRD and it is often seen at time of stress on the animal like weaning or moving them. The signs are not always easy to see either. Eric says there has been an increase in the instances of the disease this fall and attributes the drought for causing an uptick in the disease this year. So I asked him what cattle producers can do and he says, “We have to prep that calf like we prep our kids.” That includes shots to help the immune system prior to the time of stress.

Listen to my interview with Eric: Interview with Dr. Eric Moore

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