Touring O.H. Kruse Goshen Feed Mill

Chuck Zimmerman

Dealer customers of O.H. Kruse Grain & Milling got to tour their Goshen, CA facility today. It’s just part of the the first ever O.H. Kruse Dealer Appreciation Day.

Our tour guide for this stop was Danny Reitsma, Warehouse Manager. Danny led a group of us on golf carts around the facility and introduced us to different employees who talked about their particular part of the operation.

Danny says that on the bulk side of things they handle between 200 to 250 truck loads a day. On the packaging side they do between 15 to 20 truck loads a day. He says they are very busy and love being busy. Learn more about the facilities and some of the features it offers in my interview with Danny.

Listen to my interview with Danny here: Interview with Danny Reitsma

O.H. Kruse Photo Album

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