Wyffels: Hybrids Are Better than 1988

John Davis

A lot of talk about this year’s drought has drawn comparisons to the devastation of the 1988 drought. But during the the Wyffels Hybrids Corn Strategies event at the Harmon Farm in Vincent, Iowa, Wyffels’ Rick Buresh explained that corn is better able to stand dry conditions these days.

“Drought tolerance of hybrids is so much better than what is was in 1988,” he said. In fact, he said Wyffels has released 12 new base genetics this year, being watched closely by their researchers. And Buresh added that some corn that might not look so good, rolling up from the drought and heat, might actually be protecting itself. That’s what they’ll find out in the coming weeks. “A lot of variables. We’ll take a look at this at the end of the year, and make decisions. But we don’t release products on a whim. We’re very confident in what research gives us to promote and sell to growers.”

In the meantime, Buresh said they’ll remain optimistic… and pray for rain.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Rick here: Interview with Rick Buresh, Wyffels Hybrids

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