Other New Products Promoted During Anthem Tour

John Davis

While the focus of the recent Anthem Field Plot Tour in Ames, Iowa, has been on FMC‘s new herbicide, Anthem, farmers are also hearing about some other new FMC products in the works. One of those is Marvel. “This is a combination of two PPO products,” Brent Neuberger, Senior Technical Sales Manager for FMC, told Chuck during an interview. Neuberger said since it is actually two products, the soybean-only compound will give some differences in spectrum without sacrificing the individual control of each product.

He said they will soon be submitting a package to EPA, looking for approval to make it available for next year’s growing season. Since it is two products already approved, he expects a pretty quick turnaround from the government on this compound. Neuberger said look for FMC to have more information on Marvel at the trade shows coming up this winter.

Listen to Chuck’s interview with Brent here: Interview with Brent Neuberger, Senior Technical Sales Manager for FMC

You can find photos from the event here: FMC Anthem Field Plot Tour Photos

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