Getting to Know BASF’s Nevin McDougall

Cindy Zimmerman

Nevin McDougall has been the Senior Vice President, Crop Protection for BASF North America for three years now and his face should be familiar to many in agriculture who have attended Commodity Classic during that time, but he has actually been with BASF since the American Cyanamid acquisition. “Really, with legacy company, I’ve been with BASF for 19-20 years,” he said.

He grew up on a family farm in Canada and has roots in agriculture. “So being involved in agriculture is very comfortable, very natural. I can relate with our customers and what they are trying to achieve, so for me it’s a very good fit,” said McDougall who loves what BASF is doing right now to help farmers. “There’s always something fun to talk about. We have new products, new services we’re offering to growers to do a better job on their own operations,” he said. “My joy and thrill has been working with customers and trying to deliver better solutions than we ever have before.”

Even though BASF, The Chemical Company, is much more than agriculture but McDougall says it is a very important part of the company. “If you look at the amount of research dollars that go into agriculture, we’re talking upwards of $600 million on an annual basis, so it’s a significant commitment to agriculture and innovation in agriculture.”

McDougall is particularly pleased with Headline and the Kixor franchise and is excited about all the more products in the pipeline that add value for growers. “We’re here for the long term,” he said.

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