Wyffels Corn Brings Efficiency to Harmon Farm

Chuck Zimmerman

The Wyffels Corn Strategies event held at Harmon Farms had four generations of Harmon family on hand. Here’s the family receiving a gift of appreciation for allowing the event to be held on their farm by Bill Wyffels, President.

I spoke with Sean Harmon, pictured behind the little cutie in the middle. Sean is the 4th generation on the farm and his Dad and Grandfather were also attending the event. Sean says they’ve gone three weeks without a rain but the soil in his area really holds the moisture well, so his corn crop is in good shape. He says that every year the Wyffels seed he plants makes some of his best corn. The farm has its own grain elevator and he says people were making a lot of comments that there are commercial grain elevators that don’t have as much capacity! He says that efficiency is the name of the game. As he puts it, “We’ve got big fields and we can get a lot of grain in and out of this facility real quick.” He’s looking forward to Wyffels new refuge in the bag. He says, “We can fill the planter clear full and just go plant until we’re out of seed and just fill it up again and keep going.”

Listen to my interview with Sean here: Interview with Sean Harmon

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