Knee-Deep (Not the Zac Brown Band Song)

Melissa Sandfort

Maybe it was the 90th birthday party that perked him up, or maybe the hospital trip where they took him off all the unnecessary meds (thank goodness), but my grandpa is back at it, his voice is 100 percent and we’re recording audio about life on the farm back in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s.

Even though I grew up on the farm and still live on the farm, I find his stories fascinating. Farming has advanced over the years and the efficiencies they have multiply daily, but I think it’s a nice reminder to look back and appreciate where we came from and how we got to where we are today.

This week, grandpa explains a little about having to move wooden cattle feed bunks by hand. I often think about what kept my great-grandparents alive to 100 years old and what keeps my grandparents ticking right along, and I think hard work lends a big hand in it. There isn’t a lazy bone in either of my grandparent’s bodies, they’ve always been healthy and at an ideal weight. There’s something to be said for physical labor, working up a sweat and getting your hands dirty. There’s also a lot of respect in that.

So take a listen as grandpa takes another “AgWalk” with us today. Listen to Grandpa explain

Until we walk again …