Talking Social Media at Alltech Symposium

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I attended the 2012 Alltech International Symposium Discuss Dinner titled, “Creating Raving Fans: How can you embrace the digital world for your business?” Our moderator was Michele Payn-Knoper, Cause Matters. Michele had a very diverse group to deal with. I think we had folks from about 15 countries in the room! They had a lot of questions about social media and some reservations. However, there were several in the room that were able to provide good examples of how they are using social media in their business. Michele gave everyone some great advice: “Know your purpose. Build a community around your purpose. And then serve your community well with that purpose.”

Listen to my closing interview with Michele here: Interview with Michele Payn-Knoper

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  1. Dean Sparks

    Would love to learn/understand how to equate SM participation w/quantifiable metrics to appreciate the impact on sales/driving to the brand. Don’t understand how to prove out value in relation to time investment in the various platforms.

  2. Post

    How do you prove value for the time/money spent on public relations using “traditional” channels such as media, etc.? I understand what you’d like to have and hear it spoken about a lot. However, I have not seen anyone able to directly tie that investment to specific sales. But then, unless you’re using coupons for a product it’s not easy to even prove that advertising is working either.

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