Just Farmers

Chuck Zimmerman

Just Farmers is helping tell agriculture’s story and there are already a number of them posted. See what you think. Just Farmers is offering a variety of services that include: Developing Social Media Action Plans; Creating Listening Centers; Shaping Your Message; Targeting Specific Audiences; Analyzing Your Presence and Building Your Brand.

Just Farmers is a digital sandbox for those interested in using conversations, relationships and community to harness the power of humanity’s inner want for social interaction in all forms. Several years ago a few in the agricultural world jumped head first into realm of Social Media. Through many learning opportunities, not all good, we found our way to where we are now and our shared passion of conversations as a way to collectively harness the power of individual people when brought together into communities.

As a play on our everyday profession as Farmers we have created “Just Farmers…”. Just Farmers is not specifically about the agricultural meaning of farmer and really is a more broad look at how through the use of different social channels conversations are being grown into crops of relationshipsand the harvest are the communities brought together in the end. More simply Just Farmers… includes those people interested in farming communities of engaged committed individual people by engaging in conversations.

Just Farmers is a project of:

Jeff Fowle
Mike Haley
Ray Prock, Jr.

Ag Group, Social Networking