Morning Surprise

Melissa Sandfort

So this morning I was going about my usual routine (even had time to throw a pie in the oven) getting my boys off to work and to the babysitter. I came home, continued that routine and was off to work when my husband comes in the door and says, “Did you see what was out in the pasture?” Nope. Hadn’t even bothered to look in that direction.

The past few weeks we’d thought Thelma was looking a little chunky, but she’s always been a little bigger than Louise. Now we know why.

This little filly was born last night in the middle of a rain storm. Look at those long, knobby knees. She’s absolutely adorable.

Now it has us wondering if the other one is bred, too! It must have happened a day or two before we got them last summer. Ah, the daily surprises on the farm!

Until we walk again …


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