The Lucky One

Melissa Sandfort

I’m not referencing the movie that’s in the theater, although I did see it and it was very good. (Ten minutes into it though, I realized I’d read the book!) I’m talking about my husband…I’m going to start calling him the lucky one. There are some people in this world who seem to have luck on their side; those who just stumble upon exactly what it is they were looking for, even if they didn’t know they were seeking it. Luck just finds them. That’s my husband.

When it comes to business ventures, he’s meeting new people every day, making new contacts, new friendships, new partnerships and I never know what kind of surprise his day is going to hold. He also possesses a skill, a trade, where he can help people. He can build things, anything. He can fix things. He creates things that are immediately worth more than the blank ground they started on.

When I see him pull in the driveway each evening, I make a quick scan of his truck or trailer to see if he’s brought home something new, which happens quite often. Now this couldn’t be loaded onto a trailer, but it’s his next “project.” It’s an old lumber yard that he’s going to acquire and in his eyes, it just needs a little TLC. He sees something fabulous – something that with a little bit of work can be a masterpiece. The only non-rickety part I saw from the outside was this door. I said, “If you do anything to this building, save this door.”

Don’t you think it would make for a great coffee table?

Until we walk again …