Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Melissa Sandfort

This photo really has nothing to do with agriculture other than it features my father-in-law (who is a farmer) and my son (who lives on the farm). But I had to share it. We spent the Easter holiday in western Kansas – an area that is the exact opposite of where we live now in Nebraska. It rarely rains, there are no trees, it’s flat and the air is dry. But it has its own beauty, including wide open space, watching a storm roll in across the high plains and the opportunity for my son to ride on tractors, feed the cows and roam outside on a farm where the closest neighbor is eight miles away.

My son is also lucky enough to have three living great-grandparents. Not many kids can say that these days. So on our visit to great-grandma’s house and while out perusing for Easter eggs in the back yard, he and grandpa stopped to smell the lilac bushes. (I passed because lilacs drive my allergies crazy.)

It just reminded me of how busy our lives can be and how small the “big” things are when put into perspective. We took a lot of time this weekend to smell the flowers and those are the things to record in the memory book.

Until we walk again …