Connecting Farmer2Family

Chuck Zimmerman

What do you think about this concept to connect consumers directly to their local farmers in order to make direct purchases. It’s called Farmer2Family and has been started in nine European countries.

Everyone can now enjoy local and fresh produce, from their local suppliers, every day of every year.

Some 4.5 million farmers, fruit- and vegetable-growers, fishermen and the like in 9 European countries (Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland) will be able to offer their fresh and local products directly to their customers in their village via the “farmer2family” platform.

Every farmer, vegetable and fruit growers, fisherman, hunter, all directly involved with fresh produce and registered as such, can now log on free of charge into the platform “farmer2family”. On their local page they can then offer their products to their local customers. Every supply-advert for fruit, vegetables, fish, fresh and transformed meat products …… will remain online for 7 days, but can be renewed at will. Local customers can read and react to these, but they can also demand specific products as and when they like. “The whole platform is as an open market where supply meets demand for fresh and diverse produce. It is a very local service where farmers directly meet with their customers” as explains Luc Adriaenssen, initiator of the project.

The service as proposed on the “farmer2family” platform is and will remain completely free of charge for farmers and consumers. “No commission, no intermediaries, no interference whatsoever” as confirms Luc Adriaenssen.

A few paying publicity spaces will be incorporated on each local page (also free of charge for the first year), for local shops, restaurants, sports- and cultural activities, B&B and so on.

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