Third Anniversary AgChat

Chuck Zimmerman

AgChat celebrated its third anniversary with last night’s session. I didn’t make it all the way through but it was going strong when I had to drop out. Hopefully you’ve been able to participate sometime. Judging by all the tweets things are still going strong. I am constantly amazed by the diversity of tweeters both by occupation and location. Here’s the list of questions from last night. The topic was “what’s need in SM for ag.” Our moderator was @CowArtAndMore.

  • Q1 via @mm98273 @TerraFresh What app or tool [as a farmer or rancher] do you find most useful for your daily operations (inc. SM)?
  • Q2 via @TruffleMedia Over last 3 yrs new SM channels added. Others updated. How do you feel on change?
  • Q3 via @cowartandmore How does Pinterest and other ‘picture type’ sites fit into a social media strategy?
  • Q4 via @OwyheeProduce Has the agriculture community learned how to correctly become social in terms of social media?
  • Q5 via @TruffleMedia Producer or Farmer? Profit or Earn A Living? What words do you use?
  • Q6 via @OwyheeProduce What type of content do you find most engaging in terms of agriculture through social media?
  • Q7 via @carabecca What are some of the ways agvocates are reaching their non-ag audience – hashtags, etc?
  • Q8 via @TerraFresh What has been your biggest challenge when using social media in terms of agriculture?
  • Q9 via @OwyheeProduce What are your goals to the non-agriculture community through the use of social media?
  • Q10 via @LaurenMSea @Mouseinmypocket How do we improve relating to the general public instead of other farmers?
  • Q11 Ok folks, what’s your one executable idea from this evening’s convo?
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