A Wall of Wine to the Winner

Chuck Zimmerman

Here’s some incentive to support the National Agri-Marketing Association’s Agribusiness Educational Foundation. How about a chance to win a wall of wine! I’ll be donating a nice chianti to the wall btw.

Join the ABEF Century Club and Get Entered to Win a Wall of Wine

The ABEF Century Club provides us, as individuals, the opportunity to contribute to this worthwhile cause. Membership in the Century Club is on an annual basis and members will be recognized on the Century Club sign in the Silent Auction area and in other conference materials. The annual membership contribution is $100.

New this year! Renew your century club membership before or during conference and be entered in a drawing to win a “Wall of Wine.” This special collection of wine was donated by members of the NAMA Executive Committee and the ABEF Operating Committee. Up to 20 bottles!

Please go to the following URL to renew your membership in the ABEF Century Club. Visit http://www.nama.org/abef/centuryclub/signup.htm.

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