FoodChat Questions

Chuck Zimmerman

Last night was the monthly FoodChat conversation on Twitter. It was the first time I’ve moderated one of these. Although I saw some familiar “faces” it was mostly a new group than who you’ll find on AgChat. Thanks to everyone who participated. It ran very smooth and Twitter cooperated and that always helps.

The whole conversation will be archived on the AgChat Foundation website and you’ll be able to find answers to these questions:

Q1 via @IFICMedia How important is physical activity in reducing diet related disease?

Q2 via @TruffleMedia Diet, as a term, has to much focus on losing weight. What other words would you use to refer to healthy food choices?

Q3 via @IFICMedia Moderation is half the battle. What are your favorite portion control tips?

Q4 via @LovelyPantry How does diet effect high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and abdominal fat?

Q5 via @FoodInsight What steps can families do together to reduce diet related disease?

Q6 via @HomeBasedBaking Does “food combining” really work to control weight? What are the best ways to get protein if you do not eat meat?

Q7 via @waynekblack When do we stop thinking about what we eat and start thinking about what we do? (re: Roseto, PA)

Q8 via @IFICMedia What’s a common milestone for positive, sustainable changes?

Q9 via @FoodInsight What are some of your favorite foods that can promote health?

Q10 via @TruffleMedia What approaches to healthy/nutrition food preparation do you use to make breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Q11 via @IFICMedia What positive steps are you taking to improve your health?

Q12 via @FoodInsight What low cost frozen foods/pantry staples do you recommend for low cost family meals?

Q13 via @FoodInsight Based on tonight’s chat, what is one step you’re going to take to improve your health?

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