New Kid in the Wyffels Hybrids Family

Cindy Zimmerman

wyffels corn strategies illinoisThe Wyffels Corn Strategies event in Dixon, Illinois last week was a first for regional manager Dave Rolli.

“I’ve been on the job for just about seven months, started back in December,” Dave told me. “It’s just been a great company to work for and they really do treat their employees like family.”

Dave was in charge of organizing the Corn Strategies event this year, his first year on the job, and he was very pleased with the outcome. “I’ve been very proud of my team for all the work they put in,” he said. He was also grateful to the Pratt farm family who hosted the event. “They have been outstanding hosts for us to work with. It’s a real family event for them, they’ve been happy to have us here, and I’ve been tickled to work with them.”

Dave also talked about how the corn looks in his part of the country, which includes the northern third of Illinois and Wisconsin.

Listen to or download my interview with Dave here: Dave Rolli with Wyffels Hybrids

Wyffels Corn Strategies 2011 Illinois Photo Album

That wraps up my coverage of the Illinois Wyffels Corn Strategies 2011 event and Chuck is getting ready to head off today for the event in Iowa tomorrow.

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