John Deere Launches 1 Series Subcompact Utility Tractors

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John Deere Subcompact 1 SeriesAt the National Farm Machinery Show John Deere unveiled a new line of subcompact tractors – the 1 Series Subcompact Utility tractors. The media got a preview before the show opened one morning. You can see the presentation by Kevin Branstetter, John Deere Product Manager, in the video clip below. I also interviewed Kevin.

Kevin says their are two models, the 1023E and 1026R. He says they’re customer designed and will accept a full range of implements. One of those is a mid mount mower deck that allows the operator to drive over it and auto connect! Also important is an auxiliary power outlet so you can keep your mobile phone charged while you’re mowing or working. They’ll be available in John Deere dealers soon.

You can listen to my interview with Kevin here: Kevin Branstetter Interview

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  1. Rich Vlach

    Looks like a winner to me. Being a product manager I can see an area to address which is storage of the implements that attach to the tractor. They can take up more space than the tractor itself. I really don’t have any thoughts other than custom shelving or overhead suspension.

  2. Bill Lee

    Gentlemen: Looks OK but with Horicon having the 700 series whats the
    bleed-off of sales lost? Seems as Augusta and Horicon aren’t communicating!!!! Your new tractor has small diameter tires which with your background you should know even home owners don’t appreciate.
    It appears the space is very limited between front and rear tires to get the mower in so tires will stay small. If your auto mower attaching system works you are to be commended. That was one we wanted for Horicon for years but did not find one that was foolproof for the consumer.

    Good luck but for me I would much rather have the 700 series if I needed a tractor of that size.

    Kindest regards Bill Lee ex. division marketing manager at Horicon

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