Sustainability Means Different Things To Different People

Chuck Zimmerman

Judging from the results to our latest ZimmPoll, sustainability, is a hot button issue. We had the most results of any survey so far. The question: “What does “sustainability” really mean to the public?” By a big margin, most say “A combination of factors” at 47%. That’s followed by “Farm managed for profit/growth,” 25%; “green,” 13%; “organic,” 10% and “local,” 5%. So I think it’s safe to say that sustainability is not understood to mean any one thing and probably within the ag community as well as the general public. For this reason I don’t see how we can expect people to agree on a definition much less use this word to create meaningful legislation. Your thoughts?

Our next ZimmPoll is now live and asks the question, “Which tillage practice do you employ on most of your farming operation?” Let us know and thank you for participating.

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