House Ag Committee Dems Decimated

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us houseWith debate on the next farm bill expected to begin in earnest next year, the make-up of the House Agriculture Committee will be significant – and after yesterday’s election there will be lots of new faces.

While Chairman Collin Peterson was re-elected, he will no longer be chairman with the Republicans in control. What is really amazing is that 16 of the 28 Democrats on the House Ag Committee were defeated – over half! On the Republican side – not a single member lost their election. Only Jerry Moran of Kansas will no longer be in the U.S. House as he won his bid for the open Senate seat in that state.

The Senate Ag committee fared better, mainly because most of the members were not up for re-election. However, Chairman Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas was soundly defeated, as was expected.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens next!

By the way – the HSUS backed “puppy mill” proposition in Missouri unfortunately passed. It was looking really good early on, with the No votes running over 60% – until the St. Louis and Kansas City ballots started coming in and the balance changed. Missouri is kind of a microcosm of the U.S. with our very own East and West coasts that have a whole different viewpoint compared to the rest of the state!

So, will Prop B really “save the puppies?” Farm broadcaster Tom Brand of KFEQ in St. Joseph, Missouri had an interesting take on that yesterday on Facebook. “The Humane Society of the US says there’s 200,000+ dogs in MO w/ 1,400 licensed breeders. A limit of 50=70,000. What about the remaining 130,000? MO’s 350 shelters (that HSUS doesn’t help) would have to take 350+ dogs by 12/31. If they’re not rescued, killed or moved to another state – 83,000 dogs will be killed. HSUS says 64% of dogs that go to shelters don’t leave.” Nice job, HSUS! I’m sure those puppies will be thanking you.

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  1. Jessica Bryand

    Great victory Missouri! Just proves who can still read in Missouri. Yes us agriculture people and supporters! It’s not rural schools closing their doors by the masses! Now us rural people know why city schools are closing, it’s a lost cause! When you can’t read the BBB Report that the HSUS smeared all over the news, to do the math, to figure Missouri only had a 0.12% rate of reported health conditions in puppies and that the DNR Report of dead dumped dogs, with graphic pictures to take your focus off the content of the report that clearly showed NONE of the breeders or brokers would have been held liable under the puppy mill cruelty act! But, after my conversation with the lady in St. Louis who was in shock to learn that cage free eggs still came from hens and was appalled that I used an agricultural magazine for my reference, I think we came a long way! Breeders were dragged through the mud and agricultural professionals were doubted on their beliefs. Still all showed America how kind, caring, honest, and hard working they really are! They still have a voice, hope they use it!

  2. Deb

    I am sure other states would just love to have our dogs put off on them to take care of and pay for, or to have the responsibility of euthanization. This is a slap in the face to Missouri agriculture. Where are the sensible people in those cities you mentioned who say they are educated people. I dont think they are or they would have read the bill and see that nothing will change in care of dogs for the good. Unlicensed breeders will continue to do what they do best, stay hidden. Yeh, thanks HSUS for seeing that our dogs will be taken care of. You wont give nothing, tax payers and law abiding citizens will pay dearly though.

  3. bestuvall

    I do hope not one of those dogs ever sees the inside of a “shelter’.. shelters are just a place where dogs are sold.. for MONEY.. and what better way to make money than to get free product then sell it as “abused and sickly” so when the home fails you can blame it on the “nasty breeder”
    if you look at a map of the votes. 99.9% of the state was a NO.. farms, ranches and rural areas.. when the big cities spoke.. the tide turned.. (but not by much.. it was no landslide.. 52-48
    This bill has noting to do with dogs.. it has everything to do with the future as the vegan group at HSUS envisions it..)
    “My goal is the total abolition of animal agriculture” John Goodwin.. employee at HSUS and convicted felon
    Dogs are a good start…

  4. Cory31

    So, what’s next??? This ballot initiative is totally unconstitutional by limiting someone’s rights to private property and limiting income! Thousands of MO jobs are going to be lost over this and revenue for the State. What is the next step??? REPEAL!!!!!

  5. Paul

    I think this election is a wake up call to the rural communities that they are NOT in control of rural/ag issues. But instead, the city dwellers are. Clearly when you look at the map of the counties that voted in support of Prop. B, they were all in, or near the larger population centers and the rest of the state was against this measure. What does that mean? It means city dwellers have not been properly educated! And the HSUS knew it and took advantage of it.
    It’s time for the Ag community to do it’s part in educating city dwellers in the future. If we don’t, who will? The HSUS and other animal “welfare” groups, that’s who. Look what happened in MO. CA and OH. We can’t afford to let them have one more inch!
    I also think the Ag community needs to pool their monies and hire the best lawyers and get Prop B repealed ASAP as it does smack of constitutional freedom grabbing. PLEASE Missourians, do something about this now. The HSUS is NOT going to stop at Missouri. Surely we don’t want them to have more “feathers under their cap” do we? Challenge the referendum with everything you have. After all, this is America. Don’t sit back and let this happen. If we do, we only have ourselves to blame for the down fall that will be before us.

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