Did you Miss World Dairy Expo?

Cindy Zimmerman

world dairy expo 2010If you missed the 2010 World Dairy Expo, you missed a lot!

Here’s some of the posts we did on World Dairy Diary – including audio, video and photos that you are welcome to download or link to.

Amazing Results in Boosting Milk Fat Levels – interview with Dr. Scott Bascom, a nutritionist with Cooperative Plus in Wisconsin.

How Lower Protein Rations Can Increase the Bottom Line
– interviews with Dr. Larry Chase with Cornell University and Dr. Bob Stoltzfus with Lancaster Veterinary Associates.

Five Star Dairy Wins Environmental Award – first ever award by Wisconsin Dairy Business Association.

RFID at the Speed of Commerce – using ultra high radio frequency (UHF) to tag identify large groups of moving animals.

Interviews with Dairyman and Dairy Woman of the Year – Don Bennink of Florida and Liz Doornink of Wisconsin.

Precision Feeding of Dairy Replacement Heifers – interview with Pat Hoffman from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Award Winning Dairy Credit Scours Protection – Interview with Dave Hartford of Oakridge-Bahler Farm, Connecticut.

Using a Brix Refractometer to Measure Colostrum Quality
– $50 investment can be a big help for producers.

Robotic Post-Milking Spray System – See a video of how it works.

New Robotic Feedpusher Video – kinda looks like R2D2!

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