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Wyffels Attendees Hear About Great Potential in Ag

John Davis

Too often we hear about all of the negatives in agriculture – bad weather, bad markets, opposition from groups that really don’t understand production agriculture. But attendees of the recent Wyffels Hybrids Corn Strategies 2010 held in a tent on the Cummings family farm just outside of the eastern Iowa town of Malcom heard that there is tremendous potential in farming.

Moe Russell, president of Russell Consulting Group of Panora, Iowa, told the group of about 600 farmers gathered for the one-day seminar last month that they need to remember the opportunity in production agriculture.

“Often times, we look at the negatives. But the successful farmer focuses on the controllables,” echoing the sentiments of fellow presenter Steve Johnson, a farm and ag business specialist with Iowa State University.

Russell admits that it can be tough for producers to focus on the controllables, with all of the distractions they face. That’s why he encourages producers to network with other growers, especially those from other states. He says this Wyffels forum provides plenty of time for interaction between farmers. “It’s the successful farmers who take the time to come to opportunities like this.”

Finally, Russell encourages farmers to get and stay excited about their business, learn the most they can, focus on the controllables, and have fun doing it.

You can hear or download my entire conversation with Moe here: Moe Russell

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